Thank you for Choosing Slumberland

Dear Customer,

Congratulations! With your new Slumberland mattress, you have made wise decision and a sound investment.

A new bed is like a pair of new shoes, There is a “setting-in” period while you get used to each other. At first it may feel very firm compared to your old bed. Your body may take several days to adjust to the sleeping posture that you get with Slumberland Posture Springing System. This is normal as Posture Springing System is working to support your body in the most comfortable, healthy and anatomical way. You will get a deeper, sounder sleep.

Needless to say, Slumberland’s reputation for compfort and durability will keep you satisfied year after year. In addition to the 15-year warranty that comes with your Slumberland bed, we also provide useful tips to keep your Slumberland bed in the excellent condition for your comfort.

Have a good night’s sleep on Slumberland.

E-Warranty Form

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  Was this your first purchase of Slumberland?
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  If this a replacement, what was the previous brand used?   
  Reason for purchasing your new bedding this time? 
    Current bed worm out/old 
    Moving to new home/apartment 
    Need an additional bed 
    Medical/back problem 
    Dissatisfied with current bed 
  What are the 3 main reasons you choose Slumberland? 
    Brand image 
    Previous experience 
    Recommended by friend 
    Recommended by family member 
    Recommended by sales person 
    TV commercial 
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    Radio advertisment

15-year Warranty

All Slumberland mattresses and divans* carry a 15-year warranty against manufacturing defects. (*Except for headboards/divans fabricated with PVC are only granted with 2-year warranty.) The warranty is provided to the original purchaser, commencing from the original date of purchase. 

The warranty excludes fair wear and tear, negligent usage, normal body impressions of 1½″ or less (see no. 2 in mattress care instructions),rough handling and improper care/maintenance.

If, in the unlikely event, repair or replacement is required due to recognised manufacturing fault or faulty material during the first 15 years after the date of purchase, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the offending item free of charge.

When either a headboard/divan/mattress is repaired or replaced, we reserve the right to use an equivalent material instead of the original material for the repair or replacement.

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